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Shared Silence

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

halfway through my amazement

about your teachings and silence

I start moving again

bumbling and staggering

through a course of self-made soups.

determined not to lose it

not to miss or misplace

I clutch at the rosary

day and night, day and night

whisper for the iron heart

to be warm and malleable.

this time round I won’t

touch the moon reflected

in the dewdrops

I won’t let the lake

drown anybody before me

I will hold in highest regard,

every pore on the bricks

moss and all, uneven soil,

the temple bell, centuries,

sacred texts, echoes of recitation

vibrating in the noisy towns

to drop all sense of sense

turn the pepper crusher in hand

doing what is meant to be done

wonder about the petals of lotus

how they open, and pray.


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