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Aanand Chabukswar

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Theatre Skills for Everyday Life & Work

Theatre skills for personal expression and development 


The Nāṭyashāstra & Emotional Literacy

Emotional awareness and expression. Traditional text, contemporary practice.


Advanced Dramatherapy: Specific Applications

Specialised tools and models in therapy for special needs and mental health


Theatre & Drama for Creative Self-expression

Honing personal expressive and performative skills

Applied Theatre School


The Facilitator

Aanand Chabukswar is a theatre teacher, facilitator, and an ABT (arts-based therapy) Practitioner. An internationally published author, Aanand has been working in education, therapy, and applied theatre in India and abroad for past 25 years. 

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What Participants Say 

Course A1 Theatre Skills for Everyday Life & Work

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Bonita Fernandes
Mental Health Advocate

The Course has helped me to apply drama to my everyday life. It was beautiful!

Screenshot 2021-05-31 at 2.48.17 PM.png

Husna Shaikh
Psychology Student

I always thought drama and theatre as something to do only in a group. Now I know how I can individually also apply it. 

Ashwini Choudhari
Social Worker

खूप शिकायला मिळालं. माझ्या दररोजच्या कामामध्ये खूप फायदा होतोय.

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Vedashree Mahajan
Actor, Dancer

Very refreshing and joyous. I was never short of being amazed at the concepts of application. 

Course B1 Theatre & Drama for Creative Self-expression

Screenshot 2021-05-31 at 4.22.47 PM.png

Step-by-step process was very helpful. There were insights into the finer nuances and a sense of completion and a special feeling on the last day with the performance!

Vaibhav Gupta
Waldorf Teacher, Arts-Based Therapy (ABT) Practitioner

Screenshot 2021-05-31 at 1.57.30 PM.png

Arbind Natarajan
Social worker

सीख रहा था, लिख रहा था, पढ़ रहा था, सोच रहा था। अंदर बहुत कुछ चल रहा था! अचानक कुछ मिला!! मैंने खुद को पाया, खुद से मिला, और खुद को महसूस किया। 

The techniques, the framework, and the team are only focused to draw out the most fine version! No matter which field you are from, this course will give you tools to take you to th