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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes. A digital certificate of completion will be issued after course completion. 


2. Will there be an exam at the end of the course?

No. There won’t be any exam. But there will be assignments, and in-class assessment and feedback on the work done and its application. 



3. What’s the minimum attendance requirement?

These courses are short, intensive. 100% attendance is expected. Exceptions will be made only in a medical emergency.



4. What language will be the medium of instruction and interaction? 

English will be used as a primary medium of instruction. Your course materials will also be in English. For interactions, participants can use any language they are comfortable with. 


5. I understand English but I don't speak English fluently, am I eligible for the courses? 

Yes. Language is no barrier to learning Applied Theatre. If you inform your facilitator/teacher, they will use Marathi/Hindi too.



6. Will I have course material? 

Yes, each participant will receive course material and study material links. You will have access to these materials for the entire period of your course/s.


7. Can I share the course material with others who are not enrolled in the course? 

No. You will have to maintain the integrity of your learning, and not share the material with anyone who is not part of your course. The materials will also not be shared on any social media. Doing so will be a breach of IPR clauses. 


8. Is it mandatory to do the assignments? 

Yes. Applied theatre is ‘applied’ work! If you do not apply what you learn through assignments and self-work, it will not be beneficial.


9. How much time do I need to invest per week for the assignments? 

Over the entire course duration, you need to invest minimum 3 hours for assignments/self-work. It will vary from week to week.


10. Will the assignments be graded?

No. They will be submitted by you. As per need, there will be assessment, i.e. discussion or feedback from the teacher, but no grading.



11. Currently I am dealing with a specific mental health condition/issue. Is it advisable for me to join the course/s?

No. These courses are not ‘therapy’ though some of them teach about therapy and healing. You should seek your therapist/doctor’s advice before joining. 


12. I have some special needs, but they do not come in the way of my learning or interactions. Can I join?

Yes. Surely you can join. It would be advisable, however, if you feel it right, to inform your teacher/facilitator about your needs. That will ensure support and inclusive strategy as necessary. 



13. Whom shall I contact if I want to request for scholarship or concession because of economic limitations?

Write-in to us at, of contact us through the website. Be open about what your concerns are. We would not want anyone to stay away from learning because of financial limitations. 


14. If I encounter some issue or concern while paying the fees, whom shall I contact? 

Contact us through a whatsapp text or email given in the 'contact us' sections. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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