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A1 Theatre Skills for Everyday Life & Work

Learning Theatre Skills for Personal Expression and Development

Our profession may not be theatre, but we need it all the time! We can learn to use voice well and without strain, develop a sense of presence, and be better at presentation. Theatre builds a sense of ease for us, be it alone or in company. Through theatre, we learn a lot about ourself, others, and life. 


Theatre and life reflect each other in equal measure, so it holds educational and healing potential.            


Applied Theatre for enhanced Awareness, Expression, and Joy

Fridays, 6 pm

12 July to 9 August, 2024

10 hours online sessions + minimum 3 hours offline assignments


1.1 Breath, Voice, and Speech 

1.2 Observation, Concentration & Imagination in Theatre & Life

1.3 Rituals, and meaningful reshaping of the Daily using Theatre

1.4 Everyday drama and its professional uses and misuses

1.5 Performative Element: Words, Force, Silence, and Subtlety in a performance piece

Open to anyone above age 16 

A1 Fees Rs. 6400/- only

For A1 & B1 registered at the same time, discounted fees Rs. 12,800/-

A1 Anchor

A2 The Nāṭyashāstra & Emotional Literacy
Traditional Text, Contemporary Practice

Developing awareness and expression of emotions

with reference to exposition in the Natyashastra 

How do we relate to emotions? Why do emotions sometimes trouble, sometimes soothe, and sometimes fail us?


What can we do to express emotions  meaningfully, appropriately? How can I not be ruled by emotions? 


For millennia, theatre has perfected the study and re-presentation of emotions. Where better than theatre, to learn about them? And what better guide-book than the 2300 year old compendium of Natyashastra which systematically explores emotions, and their deliberate use. We can relish the emotions in theatre. 


Applied Theatre for systematic Emotional Education

Fridays, 6 pm

20 September to 25 October, 2024

12 hours online sessions + Min. 3 hours offline assignments


2.1 Emotions & Daily life: Habits, Moods and States of Mind

2.2 Studying Bhavas and Rasas: The Conscious and the Deliberate

2.3 Tool for Emotional Awareness: Determinants, Consequents & Transience

2.4 Taste of the Aesthetic: Working with the rasas

2.5 Performative Element: A personal piece on emotional literacy

Open to anyone above age 18

relevant to young people, actors, counsellors, therapists, leaders, and teachers. 

A2 Fees Rs. 6800/- only

For A2 & B2 registered at the same time, discounted fees Rs. 13,900/- 

natyashahstra Anchor
A3 Storytelling & Narratives in Learning & Education

Learning the use storytelling as an effective tool in education and life

Storytelling has always been an important way of communication. Stories and narratives surround us!


To discern, understand, analyse, and choose narratives is a significant part of learning. True education and stories go together — from language acquisition to history, from ideas to ideals and insights! Education essentially helps us interact with, navigate, imbibe, create and re/tell the stories of life. 


                  Use of storytelling as an essential tool in school and at home.

Fridays, 6 pm

10 January to 14 February, 2025

12 hours online sessions + Minimum 3 hours offline assignments

Open to anyone above age 18;

relevant to teachers, parents and anyone who wants to work with stories

A3 Fees Rs. 6800/- only

For A3 & B3 registered at the same time, Discounted fees Rs. 13,900/-


3.1 Basic Narrative Skills: Breath, Voice and Speech & Silence
3.2 Narratives, Stories and the Brain
3.3 Storytelling Advanced Skills: Nuances, Detailing, and Effective expressiveness 
3.4 Traditional and folk stories for contemporary worlds
3.5 Customising for telling: Context, Content and your audience
3.6 Performative Element: Creation of storytelling experience!

Anchor Storytelling
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