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Theatre exercise in a circle

What is Applied Theatre? 

About Applied Theatre
Masked performer


Theatre and drama have been relegated to the arena of ‘mere’ entertainment for long. 

      Yes, they are entertainment, but they are also more than that. 


Well-written and well-performed theatre pieces are celebrated for their depth, meaningfulness, and impact. 

      Yes, theatre performed on stage is powerful, but that is not the only form of theatre. 


Multiple forms and spaces of theatre have existed for millennia. They had a significant place in life. Theatre inspired, educated, generated dialogue, changed thinking, gave insight, and healed.


The process of making theatre is thought-provoking, enriching, and illuminating. It involves concepts and translating them into action, telling stories, playing others by getting into roles, using spontaneity and imagination to improvise, working with teams, the discipline of rehearsals, freshness and conviction, finding ways to communicate and express the elusive, the unsaid, and the unspoken. Applied Theatre is the harnessing of these theatre processes. 


Applied theatre brings the process and outcome, engagement and performance of theatre for everyone. 


Applied theatre is the systematic use of theatre in community, self-development, therapy, and education. 

Why Applied Theatre School? 

Why Applied Theatre School? 

We want everyone to have access to the joys and powers of theatre. 


Applied Theatre School offers learning to those who can use the skills of theatre in their daily life and work. 

Theatre exercise with body

We want education to be a more involved and active process for everyone. Theatre can do that. 

Applied Theatre School hopes to facilitate children’s effective learning through educational performances and systematic active-creative engagement. 


We want everyone in the community to know the power of coming together and dialogue, expression and communication. Theatre can bring that. 


Applied Theatre School teaches how to work to build safe, conflict-free, empathetic, and diverse communities. 


We want those with special needs to have space for learning, expression, and healing. Theatre can do that. 


Applied Theatre School provides a place to learn life-skills, a safe container to explore issues and gain insight. 

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