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A Shawl for All

Sky Shawl

When he chose silence it was

such a flourish, it had to be shared

with everyone or anyone who heard

leaves, windows, blank page

rustled, creaked, gawked

at his un-worded confidences

skies rushed with clouds grey

rumbling threatening, lest

their business was disturbed

workers on the road - construction

shopkeepers, geeks to work -

grumbled, and ignored his advances

phones rang, radios sang, even birds

shook wet wings, their movement

relentless, so absorbed

he was like a child charged with joy

sans cause, touching the palette

unknown, without expressions

a boulder by the river, a floating

feather, a friend’s memory, barbs

the wrongly said - they all dissolved

without disappointment or elation, he

moved soundlessly with the unuttered

making a shawl for all silences.


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